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This is a vodka that is the result of a creative collaboration between Poul Pava and Wild Distillery and is created to attract attention. "Fuck det godt Vodka" is made from 100% organic ingredients and is presented in a 70 cl glass bottle.


The vodka is produced on Bornholm, which is known for its untouched and raw nature. Wild Distillery uses water from Smålyngsværket, which was voted Denmark's best drinking water in 2019. The vodka is made from gluten-free wheat, which has been distilled five times. That leaves the vodka light, dry and with an elegant aftertaste. "Fuck det godt Vodka" is adorned with hand-painted designs printed directly on both sides of the bottle, giving a unique 3D-like effect.

Poul Pava x Wild Distillery - "Fuck det godt Vodka" -70 cl


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