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Art by Helle Louise Kierkegaard

By profession and background, Helle Louise is an independent practicing artist with a diploma in Fine Arts from the university of Miami. She has developed her own unique and soulful art form. Her works are poetic and spiritual, described as magical expressionism. Through her art, you are invited into a universe, on a magical journey where transformation, hope, fear, dreams, cries, love and embrace speak to your soul.

Her artwork is on display at highly respected galleries and museums in Miami, New York, Denmark, France, Italy, Iceland, Luxembourg, Norway and Greenland. 

Helle Louise herself says this about her art: "My fundamental role as an artist is to build a bridge from the physical world to the spiritual world in the expression of my works. A state between dream and reality where the viewer can feel a longing within themselves through the observation of my works."

Below you will find our selection of Helle Louise Kirkegaard's beautiful paintings. We offer delivery of our products, or you can come and pick it up at the gallery in Ørestad, Copenhagen. You are, of course, always welcome to visit the gallery and experience the art before purchasing it. Our opening hours are available on the page "About us".

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